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Sahih al-Jami ‘as-Sagir Hadith no. 26

By almaas Apr 1, 2023

أبايعكم على أن لا تشركوا بالله شيئا ولا تسرقوا ولا تزنوا ولا تقتلوا أولادكم ولا تأتوا ببهتان تفترونه بين أيديكم وأرجلكم ولا تعصوني في معروف فمن وفى منكم فأجره على الله ومن أصاب من ذلك شيئا فأخذ به في الدنيا فهو له كفارة وطهور ومن ستره الله فذلك إلى الله عَزَّ وجَلَّ إن شاءَ عَذَّبَهُ وإنْ شَاءَ غَفَرَ لَهُ

According to ‘Ubadah ibn al-Samit, may Allah be pleased with him, who participated in the Battle of Badr and was one of the headmen who swore allegiance to Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ), that he and a group of his associates gathered around the Messenger of Allah on the night of’ Aqaba and he told them:

Swear allegiance to me that you will not associate anything with Allah, that you will not commit adultery, that you will not steal, that you will not kill your children, and that you will not bring calumny upon one another, nor disobey (Allah and His Apostle) and whoever among you fulfills it, his reward is with Allah and he who commits any such thing and is punished for it (in this world), that will be his atonement for it. And if anyone commits anything and Allah conceals (his faults), his matter rests with Allah. He may forgive if He likes, and He may punish him if He likes.

Grade: صحيح  

By almaas

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