Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Allah Almighty said:

“Say:“ O Allah, Master of the kingdom! You grant power to whomever you wish, and you take power from whomever you wish. You exalt whomever you will, and humiliate whom you will. All good is in Your Hand. Indeed, You are capable of all things. ” Surah al-Imran, ayat 26.

And it is narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Power belongs to Allah, and He will grant it to whoever He wishes.” Narrated by Ibn Hisham (1 / 424-425) and al-Zahabi in al-Sira an-Nabawiyya (pp. 189-190).

And this indicates that Allah gives power to whoever He chooses, and whom He chooses depends on the position of the people before Allah, as he said: “Thus do We make some of the wrongdoers patrons of one another, because of what they earn..” Surah “Al-An’am”, Ayat 129.

Regarding this verse, Qatada said: “Indeed, Allah gives power over people in accordance with their deeds! The believer rules over the believers, wherever they are and whenever they are, and the kafir (unbeliever) rules over the kafir, wherever they are and whenever they are! ” See Tafsir Ibn Abi Hatim No. 7899, Tafsir Ibn Kathir 2/446.

Mansur ibn Abil-Aswad said: “I asked A’mash about the verse:“ So We allow some unjust to rule over others for what they gain ”: What did you hear from what they say about this verse ?! He replied: “I heard it said: “If people get spoiled, then power over them is given to the worst! “” See “Tafsir ad-Durrul-mansur” 3/358.

Qatada reported: Banu Israil said: “O Lord! You are in heaven, and we are on earth, how can we know when you are angry and when you are pleased with us? ” And Allah answered: “When I am pleased with you, I put the best of you over you as ruler, and when I am angry with you, I put the worst of you over you.” Narrated ad-Darimi in Radd ala Jahmiya, 59, with good isnad.

Ibn ul-Qayyim (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Think about the wisdom of Allah Almighty! He made rulers over people corresponding to the deeds of people. Moreover, as if the deeds of people are displayed in the guise of their rulers. If people are on the straight path, then the rulers are on the straight path! If people are just, then the rulers will be just! If people allow injustice, then the rulers become so. If cunning and deception appear among people, then the rulers begin to do the same. If people do not fulfill the rights of Allah and show greed, then the rulers deprive people of their rights and begin to show greed. If people begin to take away from the weak what they have no right to, then the rulers also begin to take away from their subjects what they have no right to. The more people take property from the weak, the more kings take property from their subjects.

Rulers are on the way people do things! Divine wisdom does not allow evil and wicked people to be ruled by someone other than the same as themselves!

Therefore, when the first generations were the best of people and pious, then the rulers were the same. When people changed a little, so did the rulers. The wisdom of Allah does not allow us to be ruled by people like Mu’awiyya or ‘Umar ibn’ Abd ul-‘Aziz, not to mention those like Abu Bakr and ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with them). Our rulers are up to our level! And the rulers of those who were before us corresponded to their level. All this happens in accordance with the wisdom of Allah.

Therefore, beware of thinking that something predetermined by Allah is devoid of perfect wisdom! No, everything that has been predetermined by the Most High happens in accordance with perfect wisdom and everything is correct. ” See Miftahu Dar al-Sa’ada, 1/253.

Allah Almighty also said: “Thus We allow some unjust * to rule over others for what they have earned.” Surah “Cattle”, Ayat 129.

* Injustice also includes the meaning of polytheism, which has become a misfortune of our days, and Allah Almighty said: “Those who believed and did not cover their faith with injustice, for them – security, and they are the guided ”. Surah “Cattle”, ayat 82.

I.e. safety for those who do not worship anyone along with Allah and make sure that people do not worship anyone along with Allah! And for those who do not do this and do not follow it, for them is evil and punishment.

Al-Bukhari narrates in his “al-Saheeh” (21/32) that when this verse was revealed, the Companions said: “O Messenger of Allah, is there anyone who has not injured himself (by committing a sin)?” To which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) explained that “injustice” in the verse refers to polytheism, and said: “Haven’t you heard what Lukman said to his son:“ Indeed, polytheism is a great injustice! ”Surah “Lukman”, Ayat 13.

From Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with him, from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who said: “When the people see the wrongdoer and they do not take him by the hand, then soon Allah shall envelope you all in a punishment from him.” The hadith was narrated by Ahmad (9,5,2 / 1), the Hadith is authentic, see “Silsila al-Sahiha” (1564).

It is transmitted from Huzaifa, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I swear by the One in whose hand my soul is in, you must enjoin good and forbid evil, otherwise Allah will not hesitate to subject you to His punishment , and then you will begin to cry to Him, but you will not receive an answer! “ 
The hadith was narrated by at-Tirmidhi, who said: “A good hadith.” Sahih ul jami ‘7070 saheeh at-Tirmizhi 1762.

Therefore, anyone who wants to stop the murders and arrests of people who consider themselves to be Muslims, should first of all call them to Tawheed, i.e. to ensure that they do not worship anyone along with Allah, do not participate in the Tagut elections or wage jihad according to heretical methodology! Therefore, Sheikh Muqbil bin Hadi did not support any of this in his time.

After all, it would be injustice from Allah to put the rule of infidels and polytheists over and above the majority of the believing monotheists, and yet Allah Almighty said:

“Indeed, Allah does not show injustice to people in anything, but people themselves act unfairly towards themselves.” Surah “Yunus”, ayat 44.

And He said: “Any misfortune befalls only by the will of Allah.” Surah “Taghabun”, Ayat 11.

And the Almighty said: “If Allah wishes evil to people, then nothing will prevent this. They have no master but Him. ” Surah “Ra’d”, Ayat 11.

The Hanafi Imam al-Hujandi said: “The reason that Allah allowed the victory of athiest and communist in these lands (Central Asia) is that polytheism and grave worship were very widespread here.” See “Hukmu Llahi al-Ahad al-Samad” (30-31).

And it becomes clear that Allah would not have put unfaithful rulers over the Palestinians if the majority of Palestinians remained believers, but the unbelievers will be rulers over the people only when the majority of the people fall into polytheism or disbelief.

And how beautiful are the words of Sheikh ul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have mercy on him), today over which we should all ponder:

“… Therefore, do not look at the people who have brought down troubles on you, but look at the one who sends these troubles. Only in this case, you will free yourself from fear and sorrow. ” See Majmu Fatawa, Kitab al-Sabr 2.

And if we look at the One who sends us these troubles, then we will find the solution and deliverance from these troubles in His words: “Indeed, Allah does not change the position of people until they change themselves.” Surah “Thunder”, Ayat 11.

Hafiz ibn Kathir in the tafsir of this Ayat says: “Ibn Abu Hatim reports from Ibrahim an-Nakhai:

“Allah inspired one of the prophets of the sons of Israel: “Tell your people that if the inhabitants of any village or any house will pass from the obedience of Allah to sins, Allah will change what they love for what they hate, and this is confirmed by the words of Allah: “Indeed, Allah does not change the position of people until they change themselves.” See Tafsir ibn Kathir (13:11).

Sheikh-ul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “If Muslims have weakness or they are weak, and their enemies have superiority over them, it is because of their sins”. See Jawab-us-sahih 6/450.

Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan (may Allah preserve him) said: “The Jews would not have received superiority over us except because of our sins.” See al-Ijabatul-Muhimmah 202.

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih al-‘Uthaymin (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Muslims were defeated in the battle of Uhud because of one sin! And we want victory, while we have many sins! ” See al-Kaul al-Mufid ala Kitab at-Tawhid 1/289.

Sheikh ibn ‘Uthaymin (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called people to Tawheed in Mecca, only to Tawheed and to prayer, and this lasted 13 years, and he was not ordered to start jihad, even when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his companions were severely harmed. But with all this they were not ordered to fight, why?

Because they did not have the opportunity, they feared for themselves, and everyone knows about this And therefore, Allah did not oblige Muslims to commit jihad except after they had a state and power. Only then were they ordered to defend themselves, as Allah said:

“Permission (to fight) is given to those (believers) who are fought against, because they have been wronged; and surely, Allah is able to give them victory.”(Sura Hajj, 39).

Proceeding from this, if someone says: “Why Are We Not Attacking America, Russia, France, England? Why?” – Because There Is No Power!

Weapons that are already outdated for them, we now have them. And our weapons are like knives against rocket launchers compared to theirs. It won’t do any good. How can we fight them ?! And so I say: the words of those who say that we must fight America, France, England, Russia – this is truly insanity. This does not go along with the wisdom of Allah and his sharia “. Word.” Sharh Bulug ul-Maram min Adilati Ahkam “, Head of Jihad, lesson 1.

And about those who call for a war with infidels in a weak position, Sheikh Abdur-Rahman al-Saadi said: “This is what many unreasonable people do, who are in a hurry and want to do big things before their turn has come. When is the time to go to them, they most often refuse to show due patience and bear their heavy burden. ” See Tafsir al-Saadi 4:77.

Sheikh ul-Islam ibn Taymiyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “It is wajib (obligatory) on Muslims to prepare for jihad and accumulate strength and war horses during the time period of inability for performing jihad, and indeed, that thing without which one cannot do wajib (obligatory), is wajib (obligatory). ” See Majmoo Fatawa 28/259.

And in our case, the best preparation for jihad would be to call the masses to Tawheed!

Sheikhul-Islam also said (may Allah have mercy on him): “He who does not have the ability (weak) to establish the religion by force and jihad, does what he can do, like sincere admonition (nasiha) with his heart, pleading for the ummah and the desire for the good. He does what he can do out of good deeds, and he is not entrusted with what he cannot do. “See Majmu’ul-fatawa 28/396.


“Thus We allow some wicked to rule over others for what they have earned.” (Qur’an 6: 129).

The interpretation (tafsir) of the ayah by Sheikh Abd ar-Rahman al-Saadi:

“We (Allah) allow rampaging demons to rule and lead their human minions and lead them astray, and we bind them with bonds of friendship and harmony because of what they have earned and for what they are zealous. They rule over other wicked ones, push them to commit atrocities and encourage them to do so, keep them from doing good deeds and distance them from each other.

This is one of the most terrible punishments of Allah, which have grave consequences and pose a great danger. However, the responsibility for this lies with the wicked, because they themselves hurt themselves and committed a crime against themselves. ”

It is not for nothing that the Most High said:

“ Your Lord does not act unjustly with His servants ” (Qur’an 41:46).

From all that has been said, it follows that if the slaves commit many unjust acts, spread wickedness and do not fulfill their duties, then unjust people come to power who subject their peoples to terrible punishment, arbitrarily deprive them of their rights and cause them much more harm than they do when they refuse to fulfill their duties to Allah and His servants. At the same time, they do not receive a reward for this and do not even hope or anticipate for it. If the slaves attains righteousness and returns to the straight path, Allah corrects actions of their rulers, and replaces the despotic tyrants with fair and just rulers “.


Regarding the interpretation of the verse, Ibn Kathir reported:

Abdur-Rahman ibn Zayd ibn Aslam (Tabi’ Tabi’een) said about the meaning of the verse :

“Thus We allow some wicked to rule over others” – “Here what is meant wicked from the Jinn and wicked from men”, and then he quoted: “And whosoever Ya`shu (turns away blindly) from the remembrance of the Most Gracious, We appoint for him Shaytan to be a Qarin (a companion) to him.” (43:36).

He further said: “In other words, We will give power to the devils from the Jinns over the devils from the people.”