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Sahih Al-Jami ‘As-Sagir Hadith No. 80

By almaas Oct 20, 2022

أتُحِبُّ أنْ يَلِينَ قَلْبُكَ وتُدْرِكَ حاجَتَكَ؟ ارْحَمِ اليَتِيمَ وامْسَحْ رَأسَهُ وأطْعِمْهُ مِنْ طَعامِكَ يَلِنْ قَلْبُكَ وتُدْرِكْ حاجَتَكَ

 (طب) عن أبي الدرداء.)

They transmit from Abu ad-Darda, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

 “Would you like your heart to soften and your need to be fulfilled? Be merciful to the orphan, pat him on the head (showing affection), feed him from what you eat and then your heart will soften and your need will be fulfilled. ”  

This hadeeth was transmitted by at-Tabarani to Mukhtasar Makarim Ahlyak 1/120/1. 

Sheikh al-Albani called the hadith authentic. See “Sahih al-jami ‘as-sagir” 80, “Sahih at-targib wa-t-tarhib” 2544, “al-Silsil as-sahiha” 854.

Grade: صحيح

By almaas

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