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Sahih al-Jami ‘as-Sagir Hadith no. 30

By almaas Apr 25, 2023

أبْرِدُوا بالظُّهْرِ فَإنَّ شِدَّةِ الحَرِّ مِنْ فَيْحِ جَهَنَّمَ

It is reported that the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said:

“Postpone the midday prayer / zuhr / until it becomes cooler, for verily the heat is intensified by the expansion of Hell”. This hadith was transmitted by al-Bukhari (538), Ibn Majah 679 from the words of Abu Sa’id; Ahmad 2/377, al-Hakim 3/280 from the words of Safwan ibn Mahram; al-Nasai 1/249 from the words of Abu Musa al-Ash’ari; at-Tabarani in Mu’jam al-Kabir 7399 according to Ibn Mas’ud; Ibn ‘Adi in al-Kamil from the words of al-Mughira ibn Shu’ba 4/20 and Jabir; Ibn Majah 680 from the words of al-Mughira ibn Shu’ba. 

Grade: صحيح

By almaas

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