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Sahih al-Jami ‘as-Sagir Hadith no. 3

By almaas Nov 28, 2022

آخر من يحشر راعيان من مزينة يريدان المدينة ينعقان بغنمهما فيجدانها وحشا حتى إذا بلغا ثنية الوداع خرا على وجوههما

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) heard Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) say: The last persons who will die will be two shepherds from the tribe of Muzaina, who will be driving their sheep towards Medina, but will find nobody in it, and when they reach the valley of Thaniyat-al-Wada`, they will fall down on their faces dead.

Also in Bukhari 1874 ; Muslim 1389; al-Hakim (4/565); al-Silsila al-sahiha (683)

Grade: صحيح

By almaas

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