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Sahih Al Jami As Saghir Hadith No. 367

By almaas Dec 26, 2020

 «إذا أقيمت الصلاة فطوفي على بعيرك من وراء الناس» .
(صحيح) … [ن] عن أم سلمة. الصحيحة 1259: خ)

It was narrated from Hisham bin Urwah, from his father, from Umm Salamah, that she said:

“O Messenger of Allah, by Allah! I have not performed the Farewell Tawaf.” The Prophet said: “When the Iqamah is said for prayer, perform Tawaf on your camel behind the people.”

This hadith was narrated by Al-Nasai 2926 from the words of Umm Salam.

Sheikh al-Albani called the hadith authentic. See Saheeh al-jami ‘as-saghir 367.

Grade: صحيح


The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said this to Umm Salama, who told him that she had not completed the final Tawaf around the Ka’ba.

By almaas

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