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Saheeh al-Jami ‘as-Saghir Hadith No. 173

By almaas Oct 16, 2023

أحب الكلام إلى الله تعالى أربع: سبحان الله والحمد لله ولا إله إلا الله والله أكبر ولا يضرك بأيهن بدأت» .
(صحيح) … [حم م] عن سمرة بن جندب. مختصر مسلم 1411)

 It is reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“The most beloved words for Allah Almighty are four:“ Allah is free from imperfection / Subhana-Allah / ”,“ Praise be to Allah / Al-hamduli-Llah / ”,“ There is no god worthy of worship, except Allah / La ilaha illa-Allah / ”and “Allah is great / Allahu akbar /”. And no matter where you start them (to pronounce), it will not hurt you. “

This hadith was narrated by Ahmad (5/10) and Muslim (2137) from the words of Samura ibn Jundab, may Allah be pleased with him. 

The hadith is authentic. See Sahih al-Jami ‘as-saghir (173), Mukhtasar Muslim (1411).

By almaas

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