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Hadith No.9 Sunan Al Kubra

 أخبرنا أبو محمد عبد الله بن يوسف ثنا أبو سعيد بن الأعرابي نا سعدان بن نصر نا أبو معاوية عن هشام بن عروة عن أبيه عن عائشة قالت : كان رسول الله يتعوذ يقول اللهم اغسل قلبي بماء الثلج والبرد وذكر الحديث أخرجه البخاري ومسلم جميعا في الصحيح من حديث أبي معاوية وقال بعضهم في الحديث اللهم اغسل خطاياي بماء الثلج والبرد

Narrated `Aisha:

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to say, ‘O Allah! I seek refuge with You from the affliction of the Fire, the punishment of the Fire, the affliction of the grave, the punishment of the grave, and the evil of the affliction of poverty. O Allah! I seek refuge with You from the evil of the affliction of Al-Masih Ad- Dajjal, O Allah! Cleanse my heart with the water of snow and hail, and cleanse my heart from all sins as a white garment is cleansed from filth, and let there be a far away distance between me and my sins as You made the East and West far away from each other. O Allah! I seek refuge with You from laziness, sins, and from being in debt.”

Also in Bukhari 6377 and Muslim 598

Sunan al Kubra Bayhaqi ( Volume 1, Kitab-ut-Tahara, Chapter on Wudu with Water from Snow and Hail, Hadith no.9)

Grade: Sahih as in Bukhari And Muslim

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