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Parents are supposed to introduce Deen to their children. But today we are seeing the opposite. We…

By almaas Feb 22, 2021

Parents are supposed to introduce Deen to their children. But today we are seeing the opposite. We train our children by telling them without voicing out that, Islam is just something to be treated as how we wanted.

You see Muslim parents going extra mile in encouraging their children to go to school, study and pass their exams. Early in the morning, you will see most parents busy dressing their kids, preparing their lunch, books and escorting them to school. After school, they encourage their children again to attend evening classes and at night urge them to study. Wallāhi, most of these parents are not even bothered whether their children can study Qur’an/Islam or not.

There are some with little efforts for their children to attend Quranic classes at nearby mosques. But even as this, no encouragement and thorough attention is paid in this area. Some parents even though are spending millions on their kids in schools, will find it hard to even pay for their kids for Qur’anic lessons.

Well the worst of all, you hear words like this coming from ‘Muslim’ parent; “go and tell your Ustaz that you will not be going for Quranic lesson until after your exam”. (Inna lillāhi wa Inna Elaihi raajioun). Parents do you know this is the very time you’ve damaged the spirituality of your kids entirely?!

Wallāhi, such insult to the Qur’an and the being of Allāh is the reason, we are facing fitnah to fitnah. Do you have to stop your children from attending Qur’anic lessons for exams in school?! What if your child die, do s/he still going for that exam?! What if a big sickness attack him/her, will there be exam for s/he?!

Worrisome more, you hear high school or university students themselves giving excuses. Stopping Quranic learning for exams in school. When we die, the one question every one will have to answer in the grave is the book we use to follow.

Some people think, that we know the answer, so it is as easy as that to be answered. Wallāhi, if you don’t learn this Quran with it’s proper recitation, understand and practice its teachings, one will never be able to answer this question. Today all our concern is how to find x as the subject of the formula.

We are busy giving Islamic names to our children and failed in giving them Islamic education. That’s the very reason you will see today’s Faatimah, Aa’isha, walking naked on the street with no trace of Deen. You will see today’s Umar with reckless gangster dresses frolicing with women on the street.

Wallāhi, a day is coming when all of us will realize whether we were created for Math/English or Qur’an.

May Allāh rectify our affairs. Aameen.

By almaas

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