It was said to Hātim al-Assam [may Allāh have mercy on him]: “Upon what do you build your trust and reliance on [in Allah]?”

Hātim al-Assam replied: “It is [built] upon four traits. I know that my provision will not be consumed by anyone besides me, therefore my soul became content and at ease.

I know that my good deeds will not be performed by another besides me, therefore I keep myself occupied with them.

I know that my death will be unexpected, therefore I prepare for it.

I know that I am not hidden from the Sight of Allāh, therefore I am shy [to sin] before him.”

Siyar A’lām an-Nubalā, 11/485 | Al-Imām adh-Dhahabi [may Allāh have mercy on him]

Translation: Authentic Quotes