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Garment of the Believing Women

By almaas May 9, 2021

“Women from Bani Tamim came to ´Âisha [رضي الله عنها] dressed in [very] fine clothes. She said, “If you are believers, then [know] that this is not the garment of believers and if you are unbelievers then enjoy it ( meaning do as you wish).”

Interpretation of Al-Qurtubi: (14/244).

In French:

« Des femmes sont entrées auprès de ´Âisha [رضي الله عنها] vêtus d’habits [très] fin. Elle dit « Si vous êtes croyantes, alors [sachez] que ceci n’est pas le vêtement des croyantes. »

In Arabic:

دخل نسوة من بني تميم على عائشة رضي الله عنها عليهن ثياب رقاق، فقالت عائشة: إن كنتن مؤمنات فليس هذا بلباس المؤمنات، وإن كنتن غير مؤمنات فتمتعينه

تفسير_القرطبي : (١٤/ ٢٤٤)

Also in Qurtubi:

أدخلت امرأة عروس على عائشة رضي الله عنها وعليها خمار قبطي معصفر، فلما رأتها قالت: لم تؤمن بسورة” النور” امرأة تلبس هذا

تفسير_القرطبي : (١٤/ ٢٤٤)

A bride came to see ‘Aishah (RA) wearing a Coptic veil dyed with safflower (bright yellow-reddish in color)[1], and when she saw her she said: She did not believe in Surah Al-Nur ” [Tafsir al-Qurtubi (14/244)]

[1] It should be noted that women are allowed to wear bright colors but in the privacy of their homes and not in public.

Imam Qurtubi has mentioned these incidents without any sanad (chain). So Allah knows best.

By almaas

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