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Sahih Al-Jami ‘As-Sagir Hadith No. 104

By almaas Feb 17, 2023

اتقوا الله في البهائم المعجمة فاركبوها صالحة وكلوها صالحة

(صحيح) … [حم, د1, ابن خزيمة, حب] عن سهل بن الحنظلية. رياض الصاحين 973 الصحيحة 33)

“Fear Allah with regard to these dumb animals! Ride them if they are healthy, and eat them (their meat) if they are healthy. ”

This hadeeth was transmitted by Ahmad 4/180, Abu Dawud 2548, Ibn Khuzaym 2343, Ibn Hibban 545 according to Sahl ibn al-Hanzaliyyah.

Sheikh al-Albani called the hadith authentic. See “Sahih al-Jami ‘as-sagir” 104, “Sahih at-targib wa-t-tarhib” 2273, “Mishkatul-masabih” 3370.

Grade: صحيح

By almaas

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