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Sahih Al Jami As Saghir Hadith No. 349

By almaas Sep 27, 2020

«إذا أصاب المكاتب حدا أو ورث ميراثا فإنه يورث على قدر ما عتق ويقام عليه بقدر ما عتق منه» .
(صحيح) … [د ت ك] عن ابن عباس. الإرواء 1726)

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

That the Prophet (ﷺ) said:

“When the penalty (of blood money) goes to a Mukatab (a slave who has made an agreement to purchase his freedom) , or an inheritance, then he inherits in accordance with as much as he is freed from it.”

The hadith is authentic. See Saheeh al-Jami ‘as-saghir (349).

Grade: صحيح

By almaas

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