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Saheeh al-Jami ‘as-Saghir Hadith No. 154

By almaas Aug 14, 2023

اجعلوا من صلاتكم في بيوتكم ولا تتخذوها قبورا
(صحيح) … [حم ق د] عن ابن عمر [ع الروياني الضياء] عن زيد بن خالد [محمد بن نصر في الصلاة] عن عائشة. صحيح السنن 958, رياض الصالحين 1136

It is reported that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“Do some of your prayers [1] in your homes and do not turn them into graves [2] .”

This hadith was narrated by Ahmad (2/6, 16, 122-123), al-Bukhari (432), Muslim (777), Abu Dawud (1043), at-Tirmidhi (451), al-Nasai (3/197), Ibn Majah (1377), al-Bayhakyi (2/189) from the words of Ibn ‘Umar; Abu Ya’la (4867), ar-Ruyani, ad-Dyya al-Maqdisi from the words of Zayd ibn Khalid; Muhammad ibn Nasr in “al-Salah” from the words of ‘Aisha, may Allah be pleased with them. 

The hadith is authentic. See Sahih al-Jami ‘as-saghir (154), Sahih at-Targib wa-t-tarhib (435), Sahih Abi Daud (958), Riyadu-s-salihin (1136) …

[1] Here we are talking about additional voluntary prayers.

[2] The graves are mentioned here due to the fact that it is forbidden to perform prayers in cemeteries.

By almaas

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