Yahyaa ibn Yamaan related that he heard Sufyaan Ath-Thauree say, “Verily, the examples of this world are a loaf of bread over which some honey is spread: a fly passes over it and has its wing cut off (being caught in the stickiness of the honey); and a loaf of dry bread: a fly passes over it and is unable to take anything from it.”

اللهم أرحنا من هموم الدنيا وارزقنا التوفيق في جميع

أمورنا .. ربي نسالك هدُوء آلنـفسّ وٰ طمأنَينة آلقلبّ وإنشَـرآح آلصّدر و توفيقاً يُرآفق خطآنا وسعادة تملأ قلوبنا واجمع قلوبنا على طاعتك ونفوسنا على خشيتك

وارواحنا في جنتك يا الله.

Oh Allah Comfort Us from the worries of the

in world and grant us success in all our affairs. my Lord, we ask you peace of mind and tranquility of heart and feeling happy and conciliation accompanies our fault and happiness fills our hearts and gather our hearts and our souls on

obedience to Feared and souls in the paradise.

Yaa Allah.