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The Treatment is HereIbn Kathīr (rahimahullāh) mentions that in the year 478 AH (1085 CE) a disease…

By almaas May 10, 2021

The Treatment is Here

Ibn Kathīr (rahimahullāh) mentions that in the year 478 AH (1085 CE) a disease and plague accompanied by severe fever broke out in Iraq, Syria and Hijaz.

It caused both domestic and wild animals to die, leaving the people with no meat or milk. It was accompanied by black winds and thunderbolts that brought down entire trees. The people thought that Judgement Day had arrived!

• In order to combat this epidemic, the Abbasid Caliph al-Muqtadī bi Amrillāh (d. 487 AH/1094 CE)

commanded that everyone strive to command the good and forbid the evil.

• Every musical instrument was crushed and destroyed,

• bottles of alcohol were smashed and spilled, and

• the wicked were exiled from the land.

Soon thereafter the disease disappeared.

*📚[Ibn Kathīr (rahimahullāh), al-Bidāyah wan-Nihāyah, 13/216]*

By almaas

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