The Prophet (ṣallallāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam) said “Whoever says La illaha illa-Allāh, it will be his salvation someday, no matter befalls him before that.” (This was reported by Bayhaqee, declared authentic by al-Albānī in Aḥadīth al-Ṣaḥihah #1932) 

The Seven Conditions of Lā Ilāhah illā-Allāh:

1.       Knowledge (ʿilm)

2.       Certainty (yaqīn)

3.       Acceptance (qubool)

4.       Submission (inqiyaad)

5.       Truthfulness (sidq)

6.       Sincerity (ikhlās)

7.       Love (maḥabbah)

Know, therefore, that there is no God Who deserves to be worshiped except Allāh; and ask forgiveness for your sins.“

(Qurʾān, 47:19)