The Difference between the One Who Prays the Sunnah Prayers and the One Who Does Not

In only one year, the difference between the one who prays the Sunnah prayers before and after the obligatory prayers and the one who does not is 5,840 raka’āt.

The difference between one who prays just one rak’ah of witr and the one who doesn’t is 365 raka’āt.

The difference between one who prays two raka’āt of Duhā and the one who doesn’t is 730 raka’āt.

A major difference! And we don’t even realize it due to our laziness and negligence in performing them.

And you should know that in every rak’ah there are two sujūds. Therefore a person will be raised two levels for every rak’ah they make.

On the authority of Abū ‘Abdillāh, or it is said: Abū ‘Abdur-Rahmān, Thawbān the freed slave of Allāh’s Messenger ﷺ who said: I heard Allāh’s Messenger ﷺ saying, “Make an abundance of sujūd. For you do not make a sajdah to Allāh except that He raises you a level because of it and removes a sin because of it.” [Narrated by Muslim]

All of this while it should be enough that these Sunnah prayers make up for the shortcomings in our obligatory prayers.