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Some Etiquette Which Are To Be Observed When Attending The Classes In The Masjid:المجئ بنية…

By almaas May 13, 2021

Some Etiquette Which Are To Be Observed When Attending The Classes In The Masjid:

المجئ بنية الاستفادة لا لمجرد غرض من الأغراض

1. Coming with the intention to benefit sincerely for Allaah’s sake and not coming for merely a worldly benefit.

. الدنو من المعلم وحسن الجلوس بين يديه

2. To sit as close to the teacher as possible and doing so with the proper etiquettes and manners.

لبس الثياب الطيبة

3. To wear one’s best clothing such as wearing qamees, preferably the white qamees.

عدم مقاطعة المعلم عند حديثه حتى يفرغ من حديثه

4. Not to cut off the teacher while he is speaking and to wait until he finishes his speech [before one speaks himself].

إن أراد أن يدخل الحلقة يدخل بهدوء و يستأذن إذا أراد يقوم منها

5. He should enter the gathering quietly. And when giving salaams, he should do so without disturbing the gathering. Also, he should make a slight indication with his hand when leaving the circle to seek permission [to leave].

أن لا يتخطى الرقاب في الحلقة ويجلس حيث تيسر له.

6. When arriving late, he should not walk over the people in the gathering to sit in the front of the gathering. Rather, he should sit wherever is made easy for him.

يحضر مع ورق و قلم أو بشيء يحفظ الفوائد عليه

8. He should attend along with having a pen and paper or the likes through which he may record the benefits if needed.

يحضر مع تواضع و طلبا لبركة تلك المجالس

10. He attends with humbleness and to seek the blessings of these gatherings.

A Side Note: These etiquettes are to be observed not only from the angle of respecting the teacher, but also for the purpose of respecting the knowledge that he is conveying and carrying with him.

Translated by

AbdulFattaah bin Uthman Abu Fajr

By almaas

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