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Shaykh Abdur Rahmaan bin Yahya al-Mu’allami – rahimahullah‏He – rahimahullah – said:“وكم من…

By almaas Aug 29, 2021

Shaykh Abdur Rahmaan bin Yahya al-Mu’allami – rahimahullah‏

He – rahimahullah – said:

“وكم من عالم أخطأ في مسألة ؛ فلم يهتمَّ إخوانُه من العلماء بأن يَزوروه ، ويُذاكروه فيها ! أو يكاتبوه في شأنها.

بل غايةُ ما يَصنعُ أحدُهم : أن ينشر إعتراضَه في مجلّة ، أو رسالة .. يُشَنِّعُ على ذلك العالم ! ويُجهِّلُه ! أو يُبدِّعُه ويُكفِّرُه .

فتكونَ النتيجةُ عكسَ المطلوب .

وعلماءُ الدين أحوجُ الناسِ إلى التواصُل والتعاون ؛ خصوصا في العصر الذي تفشَّى فيه وباءُ الإلحاد ، وقلّة الرغبةِ في العلوم الدينية ؛ بل كادت تعم النفرة عنها ، واستغنى كل أحد برأيه .

فأما الدواءُ المعروف ُ-الآن- وهو : التكفير والتضليل- ؛ فإنه لا يزيد ُ الدّاءَ إلا إعضالا .

ومَثَلُه مَثَلُ رجل ظهر ببعض أصابعه بَرَصٌ ؛ فقطَعَها .

فظهر البَرَصُ بأخرى فقطَعَها .فقيل له : حنانيك قبل أن تقطَع جميعَ أعضائك .”

“How many an Aalim are there who make mistake in an issue, while his brothers among the Ulama do not care to approach him, or advice him in that issue, or write to him in that regard

On the contrary, the most that one of them does is that he publishes his objections in a magazine or an article reviling and ridiculing that Aalim, calling him an ignorant, innovator, and kaafir!

This way, the result gained is completely the opposite of what’s desired.

In fact, the Ulama of Deen are much more in need, among all the people, to connect and cooperate with each other, especially in this age when the evil of heresy is widespread, and keenness towards the deeni uloom is at its lowest, but in fact the people are at the verge of expressing their hatred for these Uloom and have sufficed with their opinions at the extent of everything else.

Hence as for the remedy that is well-known today – i.e. of Takfeer and Tadleel – then indeed instead of curing, it is on the contrary increasing the ailment.

Its similitude is that of a man who is affected with leprosy in some of his fingers, so he cuts them off, then it appears again in the remaining of his fingers, so he cuts them off as well. And it is said to him: 

Have Mercy upon yourself before you cut off all your body parts.”

[Athaar ul-Mu’allami (15/422)]

By almaas

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