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Ruling On Those Who Pray And Fast Only During Ramaḍān | al-Lajnah ad-Dā`imahسؤال : إذا كان الإنسان…

By almaas Nov 18, 2021

Ruling On Those Who Pray And Fast Only During Ramaḍān | al-Lajnah ad-Dā`imah

سؤال : إذا كان الإنسان حريصاً على صيام رمضان والصلاة في رمضان فقط، ولكن يتخلى عن الصلاة بمجرد انتهاء رمضان، فهل له صيام؟

الجواب : الصلاة ركن من أركان الإسلام، وهي أهم الأركان بعد الشهادتين وهي من فروض الأعيان، ومن تركها جاحداً لوجوبها أو تركها تهاوناً وكسلاً فقد كفر، أما الذين يصومون رمضان ويصلون في رمضان فقط فهذا مخادعةً لله، فبئس القوم الذين لا يعرفون الله إلا في رمضان، فلا يصح لهم صيام مع تركهم الصلاة في غير رمضان، بل هم كفار بذلك كفراً أكبر..

Q: If a person is active in fasting Ramaḍān and praying in Ramaḍān *ONLY*, but he leaves off the prayer as soon as Ramaḍān ends, does he has a fast?

Permanent Committee For Research And Verdicts: “The prayer is a pillar from the pillars of Islām, and it is the most important pillar after the two Testimonies of Faith. It is from the obligatory duties upon the individuals, and whoever abandons it while rejecting its obligation or due to laxity or laziness, then he has disbelieved. As for those who fast Ramaḍān and pray during Ramaḍān *ONLY*, then this is an attempt to deceive Allāh. What evil people they are who do not know Allāh except during Ramaḍān. So, their fast is not correct while they abandon the prayer outside of the month of Ramaḍān rather they are disbelievers with that (Kufr) of Major disbelief.”

● [فتاوى ١٠١٤٠]

By almaas

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