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Not knowing Allaah…The Imam al-Maqdasee -rahimahullah- said:فلو أن الإنسان عرف كل شئ ولم يعرف…

By almaas Aug 24, 2021

Not knowing Allaah…

The Imam al-Maqdasee -rahimahullah- said:

فلو أن الإنسان عرف كل شئ ولم يعرف الله

سبحانه، كان كأنه لم يعرف شيئا .

‘If a person knew everything and did not know Allaah Subhanahu, then it is as if he knew nothing.’

[From Minhaj al -Qasideen p. 169]

Translation: Beneficial Knowledge Reminder

By almaas

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