Ibn al-Jawzi Gem:

I have seen many people careful to avoid tiny drops of impurity splashing on them, yet do not avoid backbiting. And they donate much to charity, but are not worried about their dealings in interest. And they rise from sleep for the night prayers, yet delay the obligatory prayer beyond its time.

And the truly pathetic person is he who wastes his life pursuing knowledge that he does not act upon, missing out on the enjoyment of this world and the delights of the next, and arrives there bankrupt while having strengthened the proofs against him!

رأيت كثيرًا من الناس يتحرزون من رشاش نجاسة ولا يتحاشون من غيبة، ويكثرون من الصدقة ولا يبالون بمعاملات الربا! ويتهجدون بالليل ويؤخرون الفريضة عن الوقت! المسكين كل المسكين من ضاع عمره في علم لم يعمل به, ففاته لذات الدنيا وخيرات الاخرى,

فقدم مفلسا على قوة الحجة عليه.

Via Sheikh Dr. Salah al-Saawy ::: فضيلة الشيخ دكتور صلاح الصاوي