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DONT CURSE THE* *CORONAVIRUSIt’s brought back humanityBrought back people to their Creator and…

By almaas May 12, 2021


It’s brought back humanity

Brought back people to their Creator and to their morals

It closed down bars, night clubs,

brothels, casinos

It brought down interest rates

Brought families together

Stopped lewd behaviour

It has stopped people eating dead and forbidden animals

So far it has moved one third of military expenditure to health care

Arab countries have banned shisha

Coronavirus is pushing people to make dua

It undermines dictators and their powers

Humans are now worshipping God rather than progress and technology

It is forcing authorities to look at its prisons and prisoners

It has taught humans how to sneeze, yawn and cough as was taught by our Prophet SAW over 1400 years ago

Coronavirus is now making us stay at home, living simple lives and we make shukar to Allah swt for waking us up to reality and to giving us an opportunity to ask Him for His forgiveness and His help.

There is a great lesson in this for those who are wise.

*Alhamdulillah* 🌸

The Corona Virus is getting all to cover up with no force

whereas there was a force not letting up to allow our Muslims to cover up,

who did so on their own free will and not oppressed as others wrongfully thought.

By almaas

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