Brothers I don’t want a long discussion, but beware of omar suleiman lgbtq activist and stay completely away!

He’s acting on live broadcast to the USA people saying we’ll stand with you & for you people because this is ok!

Making the harram, halal!

Completely going against Allah like he isn’t going to be judged & to fool or confuse the majority of the ignorant/miskeen Muslims nation that don’t know any better!

Mohammed alShareef of the same, clearly saying gayism is permissible! & another person man is doing the same which I can’t mention is name at the moment!

If you are a fan or blind followers of these 3 men, wake up, who are you & who are they to defy/ rebel, Allah’s Quran & sunnah, legislations!

The followers of any of these men, if your son or daughter listens to this speech, and then, shaytan fills your son or daughter with the desires for the same gender, will you say mashallah, Mr so & so for polluting my son or daughter mind further!

Don’t say this can happen to any of you, allah can test you with it!

May Allah protect us from these dodgy men of “bending the knowledge to suit the needs”