A Series of Reminders About The Month of Sha’bān

When Is It Permissible To Fast The Second Half Of Sha’bān?

Shaykh Ibn Bāz رحمه الله said: “The one who has a habit of fasting then there is no problem (fasting) his habitual fasts of Mondays and Thursdays (in the second half of Sha’bān), there is no problem for him to fast, or if he had a habit of fasting a day and eating the other (i.e. the fast of Dāwud) then there is no problem. As for starting to fast after half (of Sha’bān) has already gone, then this is not permissible.”

● [فتاوى نور على الدرب لابن باز ٤٦٧/١٦]

Sh. Ṣāliḥ al-Fawzān حفظه الله إيمانه indicated when commenting on the ḥadith: (I had some fast to make-up from Ramaḍān and I was not able to do so except in Sha’bān)-Reported by Bukhāri- to the permissibility of making up ones fast even in the second half of Sha’bān when he said: “So this an indication that the make-up time for missed fast is vast, to the point where there remains in Sha’bān the number of days missed, where upon it becomes obligatory to make-up the missed days before the new Ramaḍān starts.”

● [إتحاف أهل الإيمان بدروس شهر رمضان ص ٤٠]