A Series of Reminders About The Month of Ramaḍān – No.9

Is Hearing The Adhān The Criterion For Starting One’s Fast?

Sh. Ibn Bāz رحمه الله stated:

• If the person hears the adhān and knows that the adhān is given at Fajr, then it is obligatory upon to refrain (from all that breaks the fast, food, drink, sexual intercourse etc.). If the Mu’adhin gives the adhān before the beginning of Fajr, then it is not obligatory upon him to refrain and it is permissible for to eat and drink until Fajr is clear to him.

• If he does not know the condition of the Mu’adhin – does he make the adhān before Fajr or after Fajr – then it is better and safer for him to refrain (from all that breaks the fast) when he hears the adhān and it does not harm if he drinks or eats anything during the adhān because he does not have knowledge of the commencement of Fajr.

• It is well known that whoever is in the city which has electrical lighting, he is not able to distinguish the commencement of Fajr with his actual sight at the time Fajr starts. Rather, it is upon him to be cautious and act according to the adhān and prayer schedules/timings which specify the commencement of Fajr with its respective hour and minute.

● [الاختيارات الفقهية ص ٢٢٩]

اللهم بلغنا رمضان بالصحة والعافية