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A Series of Reminders About The Month of Ramaḍān – No.39The Rule For Openly Breaking One’s…

By almaas Feb 21, 2022

A Series of Reminders About The Month of Ramaḍān – No.39

The Rule For Openly Breaking One’s Fast Or Hiding It

Shaykh Muḥammad Ṣāliḥ al-‘Uthaymīn رحمه الله said after mentioning some valid reasons that allow a person to break their fast:

“And whoever is allowed to break their fast for a reason that has proceeded, then he is not to be rebuked for openly breaking his fast, as long as the reason is apparent; such as a sick person, or the elderly one who is unable to fast. If however the reason is not apparent; such as the menses for a woman, or [eating] for the one who saved a life, then he/she should break their fast in secret and not break it openly; so as to not bring suspicion upon himself, and so the ignorant do not become deceived and think that it is allowed to break the fast without reason.

● [مجالس شهر رمضان ص ٥٨]

By almaas

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