A Series of Reminders About The Month of Rajab – No.2

All The Narrations About The Virtue Of Th Month Of Rajab Are Inauthentic

Ibn Ḥajar رحمه الله said: “There has not been narrated concerning the virtue of the month of Rajab nor fasting the entire month nor fasting some specific days in this month nor performing any salāh in any specific night an authentic hadīth that is worthy to support (these claims).”

He also said: “As for the ahādīth that mention the virtue of (the month of) Rajab or the virtue of fasting this entire month or fasting some days in this month, then they are clearly divided into two categories: weak and fabricated.”

● [تبيين العجب ورد في فضل رجب ص ٩ & ١٠]