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✒ The Relief For This Ummah

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: امتي هذه امة مرحومة ليس عليها عذاب في الاخرة إنما عذابها في الدنيا الفتن والزلازل والقتل والبلايا

The Messenger of Allāh Ṣallallāhu-‘Alaihi Wa Sallam said: “My Ummah, this Ummah is the one which has been shown mercy, it will not be punished in the Hereafter, its punishment is only in this world in the form of trials and tribulations and earthquakes and killing and disasters.”

● [مختصر صحيح الجامع الصغير ١٣٩٦ ، صححه الألباني]

Imām al-Munāwee Raḥimahullāh said ‘It will not be punished in the Hereafter’ means that this Ummah will not be punished with the punishment of disbelievers, just like the Fire will consume a believer except for his limbs that he used to wash for the purpose of Wuḍū (ablution), whereas a disbeliever is not given this discount, and Allāh knows best.

● [فيض القدير شرح الجامع الصغير]

By almaas

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