🎯 How Abū Bakr (Allāh Be Pleased With Him) Affirmed Allāh’s Tawḥeed And ʿUluww (i.e Allāh being ABOVE All that exists) In One Statement | Killing Two Birds With One Stone

When Prophet (Ṣallallāhu-ʿAlaihi Wa Sallam) passed away; Abū Bakr Raḍi-Allāhu ʿAnhu ascended the Minbar (pulpit) then said:

“O people!! If Muḥammad was your lord whom you worshipped then indeed your lord is dead but if your Lord is the One Who is ABOVE THE HEAVEN then indeed your Lord will NEVER DIE.”

● [المصنف لابن أبي شيبة ج ٢٠ ص ٥٦٢]