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✒ Humility Makes One WiserProphet Muḥammad Ṣallallāhu-ʿAlaihi Wa Sallam said:“There is no man except…

By almaas Nov 24, 2022

✒ Humility Makes One Wiser

Prophet Muḥammad Ṣallallāhu-ʿAlaihi Wa Sallam said:

“There is no man except that in his head is wisdom which is in the hand of an angel, so if he humbles (himself) it is said to the angel: ‘Raise his wisdom’ and if he becomes arrogant it is said to the angel: ‘Throw away his wisdom’.”

● [مختصر صحيح الجامع الصغير برقم ٥٦٧٥ ، حسنه الألباني]

By almaas

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