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اللهم احفظنا بحفظك واحم بلادنا وحدودنا وبلاد المسلميناللهم جنبنا الوباء والغلاء والزنا والربا،…

By almaas May 4, 2021

“Oh Allah, protect us with your protection, and protect our countries, our borders, and the countries of the Muslims.

O Allah, protect us from the epidemic, from inflation, from adultery, from usury, and the evil of the enemies, and protect us from the evils of Fitan both visible and invisible.”

اللهم احفظنا بحفظك

واحم بلادنا وحدودنا وبلاد المسلمين

اللهم جنبنا الوباء والغلاء والزنا والربا، واكفنا شر الفتن ما ظهر منها وما بطن.

By almaas

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