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أخبرناه أبو عبد الله الحافظ أنا أبو بكر بن إسحاق نا إسماعيل بن قتيبة ثنا يحيى بن يحيى ثنا خارجة عن أبي أمية حدثني مجاهد عن أبي فاختة مولى أم هانئ قال قالت أم هانئ : دخلت على رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم أيام الفتح ضحى فأمر بماء فسكب له في قصعة كأني أرى أثر العجين فيها وأمر بثوب فستر بيني وبينه فاغتسل وصلى صلاة الضحى ثمان ركعات

Narrates Umm Hani: On the day of the conquest of Mecca, I entered the Prophet’s (ﷺ) house at the time of Duha. He asked for water for bathing. I saw that the pot which was prepared for him with water had dough pieces lining in the inside. He then asked for a cloth be brought to him. He then made a screen between him and me and took a bath and offered eight rak`at (of Duha prayers).

(Volume 1, Kitab-ut-Tahara, Chapter on Bathing with Water mixed with other pure subtances, Hadith no.19)

Grade: Isnad Very Weak because Abdul Rahman bin Hassan Asadi is accused of lying.

Note: A similar hadith is in Bukhari and Umm Hani’ narrates that Allah’s Messenger entered her house and not the other way round as in the above hadith.

By almaas

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