Shaykh Ahmad b. Yahya Al-Najmi was asked: What do you advise a Muslim to do in this day and age?

He replied: I advise him to:

[1] Live upon Tawhid and sound beliefs (aqidah)

[2] Pay attention to fulfilling the obligations and staying away from sins and what has been forbidden.

[3] Be with the righteous, good people

[4] Stay away from bad people

[5] Follow the sunan

[6] Stay away from bida’ (innovation in religion)

[7] Beware of fitan (things that can test your religion) – for they are numerous in these times.

[8] I advise him to stay at home and cry over his sins, as the Prophet said to his Companions: “Stay in your home, and cry over your sins.”

And success is from Allah.

-Fath Al-Rabb Al-Wadud 1:104