Observing Your Wife’s Beautiful Manners

The Noble Scholar Ibn Sa’adi [رحمه الله] said:

❝When a husband reflects over his wife’s beautiful manners and good qualities that he loves about her, and then compares these qualities to those reasons which causes him anger and irritation, perhaps there is some negativity he sees whilst living with her, but it could be that he is focussing on just one or two [negative] things, yet, in reality, those qualities that he loves in her are much greater.

Therefore, if the husband was just, then he would overlook her bad points which actually disappear and vanish due to her goodness. In this way companionship continues.

As for turning away from good qualities, and only observing shortcomings – even if they are very few – then this is from being unjust, and the husband can hardly be settled with his wife.❞

[Bahjat Al-Qaloob, (Page: 153-154) | Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Miraath al-Anbiyya]