Begin ‘Eīd With Lowering The Gaze


Some of the companions of Sufyān ath-Thawrī said: “We went out with ath-Thawrī on the day of ‘Eīd and he said: ‘Verily, the first thing we will begin our day with is lowering the gaze.”


‎● [التبصرة لابن الجوزي ص ٦١]


Ḥasān Ibn Abī Sinān went out for the ‘Eīd and when he returned his wife said to him:


“How many beautiful women did you see today?”


And when she persisted he replied: “I did not look at anything except my thumb from the time I went out until I returned to you!


‎● [التبصرة لابن الجوزي ص ١٠٦، والورع لابن أبي الدنيا ص ٦٣]