Assalām Alaykum Warahmatullāhi Wabarakatuh

Taqabballahu Minna Wa-Minkum Sālihal A’mal 

 Eid Mubarak

I ask Allah AzzaWajal that He accepts from us our fasts and Qiyām & other acts of worship during these Blessed Days which has passed us.

My Noble Brothers, With the current situation that is widespread amongst the people from the corona outbreak, I advise myself *firstly* and my brothers – May Allah Preserve You All –

 to contemplate on what has occured from the *deaths* of *thousands* from this dangerous disease..

 So Let us hasten & return back to Our Lord that is Ever-Turning, Merciful & strive immensely in worshipping the creator till death!

Allah The Exalted says :

“ And He it is Who accepts *repentance* from His slaves, and *forgives sins*, and He knows what you do.”

 Verily, Allah did not send this outbreak to kill people, *rather to wake us up from our deep heedlessness*… so it is an opportunity for reflection : _Verily this Dunyā, that is short.._ So what is it with the utmost strivings and intense love and inclination towards it and aquiring it?!

*My Respected & Noble Brothers*,I advise myself firstly & you all with what the poet advised and said in his lines  of poetry:

Eid is not for the one who just wears  New (Clothing)*** Eid is only  for one who fears the Warning (of the Day of Resurrection)

Eid is not for the one who just puts a good fragrance on himself ** Eid is only for one who Repents and does not return (to sins)

Eid is not for the one who just arranges the pots** Eid is only  for the one who is happy with the ordainment  [of Allah]

Eid is not for the one whom just adorns (himself) with the Adornments of the Dunya ** Eid is only for the  one who takes an increase of provisions of Taqwa 

Eid is not for one who only gets on the best of rides ***  Eid is only for the one who leaves off sinning

And know, May Allah protect  you, that the Ni’am (Blessings)  are from your Lord Allah due to his saying  “And whatever of blessings and good things you have, *it is from Allah*.”

My Noble Brothers,Whilst The Day of Eid is a day of Happiness & Eating & drinking, I advise myself firstly and my Brothers -May Allah preserve you all- *not to forget the remembrance of Allah* for Verily the Prophet ﷺ advised us with moderation and balance in all of our affairs.

So Let us rejoice, eat and drink from what Allah has provided us from the Pure along with remembering Him AzzaWajal!

Verily O Salafī this is a Day for the Remembrance of Allah!

So O Sunnī Preserve your Deen on this Blessed Day & Continue and persist in carrying out Good Deeds [Hasanāt] and refraining from the sins…

Taqabballahu Allahu Minna Waminkum Sālihal-A’māl

Eid Mubarak

Abu ‘Abdillaah Abdur-Rahman Pakistanee