Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

*????عافانا الله وإياكم من داء الكسل????*



????هو أصل الخيبة والفشل.

???? فالكسلان لا يدرك خيرًا

???? ولا ينال مكرمة

???? ولا يحظى بدين ولا دنيا

???? “`[بهجة الأبرار34 للسعدي رحمه الله]”`


????May Allah protect us and you from the disease of laziness????


▪️Laziness is the root of all disappointments and failures.

Those who are lazy will not attain any goodness,

receive any honor,

nor have any advantages in Deen (religion)

or Dunya (life).

???? “`(Bhjat al-abrar (34) by Al-Saadi,رحمه الله)”`

By almaas

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