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Manifestations Of Tabarruj

1. Not wearing the Khimār (head-covering).

2. Not wearing the Jilbāb (but wearing jeans, scrubs, skirts, or shorts instead).

3. Wearing the Khimār, but with the hair, ears, or neck exposed, or with the earrings showing.

4. Wearing a tight Jilbāb that shows the curves of the body.

5. Wearing a belt around the waist of the Jilbāb, because this displays the curves of the body.

6. Wearing Jilbābs with decoration on them.

7. Wearing a Jilbāb that is transparent (i.e. see through).

8. Wearing the Jilbāb on the shoulders, as opposed to over the head, covering the Khimār and draping down to the feet.

9. Wearing high heels (outside of the home).

10. Wearing sandals without socks (outside of the home).

11. Exiting the home wearing perfume, scents, or fragrances.

12. Exiting the home wearing makeup, mascara, kohl on the eyes, lipstick, or glossy lip balm.

[A Comprehensive Guide For The New Muslim, pg.136. Authored By Anwar Wright]I

By almaas

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