A Series of Reminders About The Month of Muḥarram – No.12

Beware of Watching Innovations on ‘Āshūrā or Otherwise

From the newly innovated matters in the month of Muḥarram is that which the Rāfiḍah Shi’a do…

Someone if Ahl as-Sunnah may follow these events via media to look and see, however in this is a great danger, because along with these gatherings are words/chants filled with worshipping other than Allāh such as du’ā’ and seeking assistance (from other than Allāh). And (they are also) filled with lies about Allāh, His Messenger, the Companions and Ahl al-Bayt. And whoever cannot distinguish between truth and falsehood, or truth and lies, then he may become deceived by what he hears, and the love of innovation may enter his heart, and his rejection changes to acceptance and his disapproval to approval. Allāh has said about the servants of Ar-Raḥmān, “those who do not witness falsehood”, meaning they don’t attend the gathering of lies, falsehood, and sin.

● [خطبة جمعة “شهر الله المحرم” للشيخ علي حدادي]