A Series of Reminders About The Month of Muḥarram – No.10

The Recommendation of Fasting ‘Āshūrā’ Remains Though Its Obligation Was Abrogated

Ibn Ḥajr Al-Asqalānī رحمه الله said, after proving that only the obligation of fasting ‘Ashūrā was abrogated: “Rather the affirmation of its preferability remains, especially because giving importance to it continued till the year of his (i.e. the Prophet’s ﷺ) death as he said, “If I live, I will certainly fast the ninth and tenth (day).”

Also his ﷺ encouragement to fast it, and (the fact) that it removed the sins of the (previous) year, and which affirmation is stronger than that?“

● [فتح الباري ٢١٣/٤]