A Series of Reminders About The Month of Muḥarram – No.2

Ibn al-Qayyim on ‘Ashūrā

Ibn al-Qayyim رحمه الله said: “And as for fasting the day of ‘Ashūrā, then (Prophet ﷺ) used to carefully seek it (or give importance) more than the other days. And when he arrived in Madinah he found the Jews fasting and honouring it so he said: “We have more right to Musā than you all.” So he fasted and commanded with its fast, and that was before Ramaḍan become obligatory. Then when Ramaḍan became obligatory he said “Whoever wishes (may) fast it and whoever wishes (may) leave it”

● [زاد المعاد ٦٣/٢]