⚠ Duʿāt al-Fitan ⚠

Sh. al-Albānī Raḥimahullāh said:

“Indeed it is a common CALAMITY in our times that you find many Duʿāt and beginner students of knowledge who put themselves FORWARD for Daʿwah and giving Fatāwā while they HAVEN’T perfected recitation of al-Fātiḥah with correct pronunciation,

Rather you find such a person busy in what’s authentic and weak and REFUTATIONS against ʿUlamā and CRITICISM AMONG them, I seek refuge with Allāh from SHOW-OFF and LOVE of FAME, I advise myself first then them that best beginning of seeking knowledge is to MEMORISE QURʾĀN.”

● [Taken From: Silsilatul Aḥādeeth aṣ-Saḥīḥah, Ḥadeeth no. 1173]