Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas:

That the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “During the night, my Lord, Blessed is He, and Most High, came to me in the best of appearances.” and said: ‘O Muhammad! Do you know what the most exalted group (angels) is arguing about ?  I replied, “No.” Then He put His hand between my shoulder blades, until I sensed its coolness between my breast, after which I recognized everything in the heaven and earth, and then He asked: “O Muhammad! Do you know what the most exalted group busy themselves with? ” I replied: “Yes, about the acts of atonement and the acts that raise ranks! and Atonement (from sins) means staying in the mosque after prayers,  walking on the feet to the congregation, and thoroughly performing a complete ablution, despite unwillingness (due to the cold). ” He said: “You are right, O Muhammad! The one who does this lives in goodness and dies upon goodness, and his sins shall be similar to the day that his mother bore him! ” He said: ‘O Muhammad! When you have performed Salat then say: ‘O Allah! Indeed I ask of You, the doing of good deeds, avoiding the evil deeds, and loving the poor. And when you have willed Fitnah for your slave, then take me to You, without making me suffer from Fitnah.'” He [the Prophet ﷺ] said: “And the acts that raise ranks are spreading the Salam, feeding others, and Salat during the night, while the people are sleeping.”

 ( صحيح )

أتاني الليلة ربي تبارك و تعالى في أحسن صورة فقال: يا محمد هل تدري فيم يختصم الملأ الأعلى ؟ قلت لا فوضع يده بين كتفي حتى وجدت بردها بين ثديي فعلمت ما في السموات و ما في الأرض فقال: يا محمد هل تدري فيم يختصم الملأ الأعلى ؟ قلت: نعم في الكفارات و الدرجات و الكفارات: المكث في المساجد بعد الصلوات و المشي على الأقدام إلى الجماعات و إسباغ الوضوء في المكاره قال: صدقت يا محمد ! و من فعل ذلك عاش بخير و مات بخير و كان من خطيئته كيوم ولدته أمه و قال: يا محمد إذا صليت فقل اللهم إني أسألك فعل الخيرات و ترك المنكرات و حب المساكين و أن تغفر لي و ترحمني و تتوب علي و إذا أردت بعبادك فتنة فاقبضني إليك غير مفتون و الدرجات: إفشاء السلام و إطعام الطعام و الصلاة بالليل و الناس نيام

( عب حم عبد بن حميد ت ) عن ابن عباس

This hadith was transmitted by ‘Abd-r-Razzak, Ahmad 1/368, Musnad ‘Abd ibn Humayd, at-Tirmidhi 3233 from the words of Ibn ‘Abbas. 

Sheikh al-Albani called the hadith authentic. See “Sahih al-jami ‘as-sagir” 59, “Sahih at-targib wa-t-tarhib” 405, 451.

Grade: صحيح

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