Narrated by Abu Sai’d a-Khudri and Abu Dharr:

“If the sons of Abu al-Aas (ibn Umayya)  amount to thirty men, they will take the servants of Allah as (their own) servants [1], the wealth of Allah (charity) as their own wealth and the Book of Allah as a humming tune.”

إذا بلغ بنوا أبي العاص ثلاثين رجلا اتخذوا عباد الله خولا و مال الله دولا و كتاب الله دغلا

( حم ع ك ) عن أبي سعيد ( ك ) عن أبي ذر .

[1] by means of subjugation and humiliation

Imam Ahmad included it in his Musnad “3/80” from Abu Sai’d. Al-Hakim included it in his Mustadarak 4/479 or 480 from Abu Dharr with the wording: “forty” instead of “thirty”. Al-Muttaqi mentioned it in Kanz-al-Ummal “11/359”

Grade: Sahih as per Al-Albani

Note: al-Busairi said in Mukhtasar al-Ithaf (3|124): “The chain of transmission has Atiyah al-Kufi, and he is weak.” He is a Shi’i, and there is consensus on his weakness.




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    Kindly advice from where i can get the following hadees books in english language only:
    Saheeh al jami as sagheer,
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